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Many of us will be lucky enough to have never had an ACL injury, but we know someone who has and we want to help them through ACL rehabilitation. The athletic team physician is a medical doctor that usually oversees all sports medicine treatment including ACL injuries. If you are suffering from an ACL injury, your physical therapist is the best person to speak with. This person is trained to handle all types of knee injuries and has the knowledge and skill to help you through your recovery. Here are some services offered that can help you during your recovery.



Athletes often think ACL rehabilitation begins with exercise. This is true, but exercise should not be used to increase strength. Instead, the focus of an ACL rehab specialist should be on reducing swelling and pain post surgery. The goal of physical therapy post op is not only to treat your ACL as early as possible, but also to get you back into the game as safely and quickly as possible without risking further injury.  

Because an ACL injury can be tricky to treat, it’s important to make sure you see a physical therapist with the right training and experience. Specialized physical therapy is able to create a personalized treatment plan specifically tailored for your unique needs that help you recover at home while away from the rehab center. Specialized Physical Therapists are also ready when you need extra support, like after surgery or during rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction surgery. They will provide instructions on how much rest your injured knee needs as well as tips on how to preserve it while engaging in activities of daily living such as going up stairs and standing up from a seated position. 



The day after surgery physical therapy will be important. Specialized Therapists use a variety of techniques to manage swelling and pain including ice packs, therapeutic ultrasound, massage, and exercise modalities such as electrical stimulation and blood flow restriction training.  Specialized Physical Therapists will provide scheduled exercises that can continue at home to help you recover faster and get back to doing the activities you enjoy most.    If you’re looking for Specialized Physical Therapy in Burlington NJ or Specialized Physical Therapy in Cherry Hill NJ , Contact Specialized PT today!



1. Specialized Physical Therapy provides gentle, hands on manual therapy to help reduce swelling and pain in the knee joint. The therapist may use modalities such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation to help speed recovery. Manual techniques are used for specific problems including trigger point therapy, stretching and joint mobilization of the patella tracking mechanism. Specialized PT Specialists also offer massage at various times during your treatment to aid in healing. Massage is a proven practice that helps break up scar tissue build-up and increase circulation throughout the injured area helping with pain reduction.  

2. Specialized Specialists will also create an exercise program just for you! This can include both passive exercises done while laying down as well as active exercises, which should be completed with the help of a Specialized Physical Therapist. These Specialists will be able to instruct you on how and when to do exercises to treat your particular injury, how often, as well as proper form for each exercise.

  • Active Exercise Programs: Active exercise is one of the most important parts of Specialized physical therapy treatment plan after ACL surgery or any knee surgery. Specialized PT Specialists can create an active exercise program based on your goals and abilities post-surgery. Active exercises are when you use resistance (your body weight) against gravity while moving through functional motions such as squatting, bending, stepping up or even walking. 
  • Passive Exercises: Working out is hard after sporting injuries like ACL tears but Specialized PT Specialists can create a passive exercise program to help you stay active without putting on any extra weight or stress on the injured knee. Passive exercises are when Specialized Specialists hold your ankle and lower leg in place while you move your knee through functional motions such as squatting, bending, stepping up or even walking. Specialized Specialists will teach you how to do both types of exercises for use after ACL tear surgery! 

3. When is Specialized Physical Therapy Necessary? Specialized Specialists can help you get back to doing the activities you love.  Specialized Specialty Rehabilitation in Burlington NJ and Cherry Hill NJ also specializes in less common injuries including PCL tears, osteochondral lesions, ligamentous knee injuries and more! 

4. Specialized Physical Therapy is perfect if you’ve had ACL reconstruction or other orthopedic surgeries within the last 3 months, have sprained an ankle or sustained any knee injury requiring physical therapy treatment. Specialized Specialists are here for you whether it was recently or years ago!    

5. Our Specialized Patient Care Team: Specialized PT offers many highly-skilled Specialists including Specialized Physical Therapists and Specialized Physical Therapy Assistants. The Specialized Patient Care Team is here for you so you can focus on getting better!



We hope this article was informative. We know that ACL surgery is scary, but with the right therapy and treatment, you can recover in a timely manner.

We will do everything we can to help you return to all your daily activities as quickly as possible. Feel free to contact us by phone or via email for any questions related to our services. We wish you the best in your recovery journey, take care!

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Michael L

Absolutely stellar job. I injured my leg back in June with an inability to move and function. I could not even put weight on it. Thanks to Natalia I am able to walk with no issues and I am back to 100% functionality in my leg. Thanks Nat and thanks to the SPT team for the Hospitality and support!!! Great Job all around! 

Caroline Z

Very professional staff.  The facility is top notch and staff is friendly and genuinely concerned about your welfare.  My therapist, Nosheen, is knowledgeable about my issues and shares that knowledge with me.  I would highly recommend Paul and his staff to anyone needing treatment.