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Our Cherry Hill physical therapy location offers the best physical therapy and post-concussion rehabilitation specialists in Cherry Hill, NJ. If you are experiencing any of the following, we may be able to help: Neck pain, headaches, back problems, orthopedic injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder injuries, or rotator cuff issues. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the newest treatments to help you heal faster with exercises we teach so you can get back to your regular activities sooner. Come visit our Cherry Hill location today where one of our physical therapists can create a personalized plan for you.


Our goal is to make life as comfortable as possible for patients. Our goal is to assist in your rapid recovery with tailored treatment plans and a collaborative approach, working together to address all aspects of health. We are dedicated to providing quality rehabilitation services in Cherry Hill NJ and Burlington NJ. Cherry Hill Physical Therapy is specialized in providing physical therapy, aquatic therapy, and sports rehabilitation to individuals of all ages. Our physical therapists are experienced in a range of diagnoses including orthopedic conditions, traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-stroke syndromes, or any other neurological condition. We specialize in chronic pain treatments that are not responding to other options.


Aiming to help as many people as possible, our specialized physical therapists in Cherry Hill, NJ work on individualized treatment plans. We’ll assess your needs and tailor physical therapy sessions to you. Thanks to our individualized plans and clinically experienced physical therapists, patients are able to recover from their injuries more quickly. Most of our patients see relief after the first session.


Sports Medicine Injuries
Pre and Post surgery
Shoulder Pain
Back Pain and Low Back Pain
Hand Therapy
Neurological Conditions
Balance Therapy
Auto accidents
Traumatic Injury
And so much more


Specialized Physical Therapy – Cherry Hill has been awarded the distinction of “Best Physical Therapy” by the readers of The Burlington County Times award.

Our therapists are experienced in a variety of diagnoses including orthopedic conditions, traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-stroke syndromes, or any other neurological condition. We offer expert care for the treatment of chronic pain that is not responding to traditional treatments


Direct Access! Specialized Physical Therapy – Cherry Hill offers fast appointment bookings utilizing Direct Access! Direct Access in physical therapy means that you can go directly to a Doctor of Physical Therapy for evaluation and treatment of pain and other movement-related issues.

By New Jersey State law you may visit a licensed physical therapist without a physician prescription. Therefore, no need to refer to a physician- you can call directly and set up an appointment with us! This cuts out unnecessary time, and allows you to start the healing process more quickly.

On your first phone call, our front desk staff member will walk you through everything you will need to get started. They will determine if you need a physicians referral (based on insurance request), provide more information if needed, and decide which one of our two convenient locations you should attend.

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“I’ve been seeing Paul at Specialized PT for about 7 years on and off. I have fibromyalgia that flares up every few months/years and this is one of the only practices I can trust to truly help me manage the complex and ever-changing symptoms that go along with chronic pain. Paul and his staff are highly knowledgeable. They provide individualized attention and use hands-on techniques like manual therapy and vestibular therapies. I feel listened to and respected, which is definitely not the vibe you get at all physical therapy practices. If you’re looking for help with chronic pain, this practice will get you moving in the right direction.”
- Claire H
Paul Vidal helped with total shoulder replacement therapy and has made leaps and bounds with my recovery process. He is very professional and is quite knowledgeable on the proper exercises needed to get back quickly, with the help of Paul and my home exercises therapy was a success. This place is top-notch with therapist-to-patient care, don’t go to anyone else. Thank you, Paul.
- Jay Jackson
I went to Specialized Physical Therapy with a concussion that had caused me terrible, lingering symptoms for months. It was tough for me to walk quickly, let alone run. I was also having persistent headaches. It was an absolute nightmare. I finally found Paul Vidal, who helped me tremendously. He spent a long time explaining to me what was going on, provided me with a plan, and then got me better. Within a few weeks, I was back in the gym. I can not tell you how much I appreciate Specialized Physical Therapy and Paul. I am tremendously grateful for their help. They are the ABSOLUTE best and I cannot thank them enough.
- Alexander A
Paul and all the staff at Specialized Physical Therapy have really helped me over the years with everything from a simple sore neck after a night of bad rest to as complicated as a complete rehab of my knee after surgery. They have always been professional, explaining the extent of the problem and the treatment plan to correct the issue. They are very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend Specialized Physical Therapy.
-  Brian W
I couldn’t ask for a better experience. Everyone is so kind and dedicated to helping with your recovery. I would definitely recommend going. Thanks, guys
- John G
I cannot recommend Specialized Physical Therapy enough! I injured my back working as a PT during the pandemic in July and had neural symptoms down to my toes, so I knew that picking the right physical therapist was crucial to my recovery. I began therapy with SPT in November 2020 and was greeted with hospitality by the entire staff. They were very kind and personable. I worked with Paul the majority of the time and he was/is extremely knowledgeable on the stages of recovery, anatomy and physiology of injury, and appropriate treatment techniques for a fast and effective recovery. I learned something new after every session and added these new skills/information into my own PT toolbox. Within 5-6 treatment sessions, I no longer had any more symptoms of pain, regained my spinal range of motion, and can return to my prior level of function. I would 100% recommend SPT to anyone who needs it..
- Tram T
I’ve been working with Aly for a few weeks now and I already feel a lot better. I honestly did not expect much if at all improvement for my injuries but I have been pleasantly surprised. On my initial meeting, Aly did a comprehensive exam and full history. She took the time to listen to me and really makes you feel like you matter. I did not or do I ever feel rushed. I feel like she pushes you enough to know when to stop or when to do more. I’m really grateful. Staff is wonderful and easy to work with as well. Highly recommend Aly and Specialized Therapy to anyone who is looking to improve how they feel and prefer a more patient and understanding environment. They also do a wonderful job of cleaning all the stations and areas used with each patient.
- Elisa W

Specialized Physical Therapy – Cherry Hill provides physical therapy and rehabilitation services to Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We offer treatments for a wide range of conditions including orthopedics, neurological disorders, sports injuries, women’s health problems (such as urinary incontinence), etc., and we are comprised of over 20 highly trained physical therapists and staff members who are experts in providing excellent care to our patients.

Our Cherry Hill physical therapy office is committed to helping patients achieve their goals of living pain-free. We are passionate about identifying the root cause of your discomfort and developing a personalized recovery program that will help you get back on track.

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Before: I had a stress fracture in my L2 vertebrae with immense pain. I couldn’t perform in gymnastics like I used too. Now: I have no pain whatsoever and perform how I like. Backwalkovers with no pain! I never thought I’d have no pain again.
- M. DiBona
I am so grateful to you and your staff for the significant improvement I experienced under your supervision. When I first came to you, I was suffering extreme pain in both my shoulders and my hips, and now I can honestly say that I have regained a great deal of strength and flexibility in those areas. I owe it all to your professionalism, guidance, and expertise. Thank you so much for all your kindness.
- Fran R.
I want to thank Paul Vidal for helping me control my vertigo! Because of your treatment I have been able to continue running and was thrilled to be able to run the Broad St. race with my daughter! I can’t thank you enough.
- G. Thompson
Paul is great. He takes good care of our patients. The patients love him! I have sent several family members to him.
- Samir Shah, M.D., F.A.C.S.
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