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Ankle Sprain Specialist in Cherry Hill

Ankle Sprain Specialist in Cherry Hill

Ankle Sprain is a common ankle injury that happens when you turn, twist, or roll your ankle awkwardly. It commonly happens when playing games, walking on uneven ground, or wearing uncomfortable high shoes. Normally, when this happens, it tears or stretches the ligaments or the tough bands that hold your ankle firmly together. 

The role of the ligaments is to make joints stable and reduce excessive movements when walking or doing any exercise. So, you’ll experience the symptoms of the sprained ankle when your joint ligaments are forced or stressed beyond their motion limits. 

Most people who have sprained ankles also come with ligament injuries on the outer ankle side. 


The most obvious symptom is pain. This can feel like a sharp or dull aching pain, and in severe cases, you might feel cramps in your foot as well. When it happens, chances are that the ankle will either swell up or turn purple due to the bleeding under the skin. In some situations when you have experienced an accident, you might find bruises around the joint as well. 

In mild cases of sprained ankles, there’ll be swelling but no significant bruising. You might experience slight pain or discomfort too while walking and standing on your affected foot. It is not uncommon for those with severe sprains to experience little or no pain as their bodies enter the shock phase. Difficulty walking or putting weight thru the ankle is a sign that the ankle may have suffered a severe sprain.

Many people don’t know that there is a difference between an ankle sprain and broken bones. For the most part, they believe that any injury on their foot or lower leg is actually a broken bone. If you’re considering treating pain in your ankle without the aid of a physical therapist, be sure to research the risks before so you know the possible outcomes of not getting treated. It’s easier for your body to heal if it doesn’t have to fight with untreated injuries and illnesses, which can suddenly fall on top of one another as one affects the other. Be sure to see a doctor of physical therapy immediately if there is swelling, bruising at the joint – or even just the entire lower leg in some cases-or signs of infection like pus coming from wound healing.


It’s critical to seek help when you’re sure about what you would wish to treat. And this is why you need to observe if you have any or a combination of the following signs and symptoms. 

  • Bruising 
  • Swelling
  • Pain when you bear weight on affected foot 
  • Tenderness on the ankle when touched 
  • Restricted range of motion 
  • Popping sound or sensation during the injury 

So, if you experience any or all of the above symptoms, you need to seek medical advice. Reach out to us, and our specialists will help you relieve the pain and restore your life back. 


If you’ve had an ankle sprain, don’t worry too much. That’s because we have a team of specialists who will take care of any ankle problems and relieve pain so your mobility is back to normal. The treatment we apply to your ankle will largely depend on the severity of the injury you’ve suffered.

The best thing to do when you sprain your ankle is get medical help. Individuals who had physical therapy following an ankle sprain are less likely to experience further problems and complications. While there are many therapies you can apply on your own, it’s best that you seek help from our physical therapists at Specialized Physical Therapy.

The goal is to reduce inflammation, prevent the pain from worsening, and begin a rehabilitation process that will restore your ankle to its original quality. Specialized Physical Therapy can help you with this by utilizing treatment options such as: 

Running exercise program – this is designed to improve strength, endurance, and flexibility of your leg muscles. You’ll be asked to follow a specific running program designed for sprained ankles. In most cases, there isn’t much pain associated with following these exercises; however, some discomfort is normal. 

Foam roller or myofascial release – several Specialized Physical Therapy offices have foam rollers which are used after workout sessions. To benefit from this therapy, all you need to do is lie down on the foam roller (on your back) and roll it up and down your legs. 

Stretching – after each workout session, be sure to do a few ankle stretches. Specialized Physical Therapy specialists will guide you through the process of stretching which involves active movements rather than passive ones. 

Our physical therapist will supervise and direct these exercises. Nonsurgical treatment is preferable but in some cases; surgery could be required if conservative methods fail to produce desired results.


Specialized Physical Therapy experts will give you guidance on how to walk using crutches or even a walking boot, but it’s best that you do not try moving around in an attempt to mitigate the pain and swelling. If more activities are added too early, they could actually increase the likelihood of another sprain because your foot isn’t fully healed yet. This can also cause more problems and increase your recovery time frame even longer.

Specialized Physical Therapy Specialists will create an individual treatment plan for each patient after thorough evaluation by physicians and other related specialists considering every little detail like seriousness of injury and condition to treat. We use our knowledge and skills to give the best treatment possible. We aim to restore your mobility in order for you to have a better quality of life.

The more active you are after an ankle sprain, the better off you’ll be. Specialized Physical Therapy Specialists will guide you through the process of choosing effective recovery strategies which include both exercises and therapies.


Sometimes, it is difficult for people to notice when they are in trouble. And this is why you need to be aware of your body and seek medical help as soon as you can. So, visit or call us immediately when you start noticing pain and swelling around the ankle area. The moment you begin suspecting that you have an ankle sprain is the best time to reach out to us. This is because we’d be here waiting to help you relieve the pain and restore your life. 


Left untreated, ankle sprains give rise to numerous complications which cause the pain to worsen. We have also noticed that individuals who do not address an ankle sprain also start having knee, hip and even lower back pain on the same side of the sprain.


The healing time for an ankle sprain will vary depending on each case. Specialized Physical Therapy have seen some instances where patients recover in just a few weeks, while others may take about 3-4 months to fully heal. For that reason, you should always seek medical attention right away when you experience pain and swelling around the ankle area or even if you suspect that it’s an ankle sprain.

This way we can identify what is causing the pain and effectively treat it with a structured treatment plan created by our Physical Therapy Specialists.

So, if you are experiencing pain or discomfort following a recent ankle sprain, Specialized Physical Therapy Specialists urge you to contact us immediately.

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Before: I had a stress fracture in my L2 vertebrae with immense pain. I couldn’t perform in gymnastics like I used too. Now: I have no pain whatsoever and perform how I like. Backwalkovers with no pain! I never thought I’d have no pain again.
- M. DiBona
I am so grateful to you and your staff for the significant improvement I experienced under your supervision. When I first came to you, I was suffering extreme pain in both my shoulders and my hips, and now I can honestly say that I have regained a great deal of strength and flexibility in those areas. I owe it all to your professionalism, guidance, and expertise. Thank you so much for all your kindness.
- Fran R.
I want to thank Paul Vidal for helping me control my vertigo! Because of your treatment I have been able to continue running and was thrilled to be able to run the Broad St. race with my daughter! I can’t thank you enough.
- G. Thompson
Paul is great. He takes good care of our patients. The patients love him! I have sent several family members to him.
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