One-on-One Treatment

This has been a very good PT experience for me…my only other experience was at one of those “mass production” facilities where no one even acknowledged me once I was told what exercises to do. SPT has been completely opposite that experience. Even the therapist not working directly with me talked to me and were pleasant. I really liked the one on one treatment and the interest in my progress and well being. Keep up the good work!

- Mary P.

Triathlon Training

Thank you SO MUCH for everything you have taught me about concussions! I really, really appreciate your information, exercises and guidance toward being able to get back to triathlon training again. I feel like I am now finally taking baby steps back and it is wonderful. Please know that I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me and I am singing your praises to everyone I meet. 🙂

- C. Ronkowski

Vertigo & Balance Problems

Before receiving physical therapy at Specialized Physical Therapy, I was really limited in what I was able to do. Since treatment, my vertigo cleared up in one visit and my balance problems improved within several weeks. The results have been amazing! Paul Vidal and his staff made it a pleasant experience. Many thanks to my doctor for recommending Specialized Physical Therapy.

- Mary M.

Playing Baseball

Before therapy I couldn’t play baseball for a couple of years because of pain in my elbow, shoulder, back and ankle. I could not get my throwing arm better and painfree. Since receiving therapy at Specialized Physical Therapy, I am playing baseball and other sports with no problems. I have no pain throwing and I am feeling better.

- Danny B.

Broad St. Race

I want to thank Paul Vidal for helping me control my vertigo! Because of your treatment I have been able to continue running and was thrilled to be able to run the Broad St. race with my daughter! I can’t thank you enough.

- G. Thompson

Son's Concussion

My wife and I were referred to Dr. Paul Vidal and the staff of Specialized Physical Therapy (SPT) by a physician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in early Spring 2010 to provide physical therapy for our son, who had suffered a severe concussion while playing sports. Our son’s symptoms were so severe that he could not attend school and had great difficulty engaging in prolonged normal intellectual and physical activity.

Dr. Vidal and SPT staff treated our son through Summer 2010, until his recovery was complete. We were consistently impressed by the caring and attentive treatment, the well run and friendly office, the conscientious coordination with other practitioners simultaneously involved in treating our son, and Dr. Vidal’s mastery of the latest relevant medical research.

Our son was able to return to school this year at the age appropriate grade level and is playing his favorite sport, baseball, with a gratifying proficiency. We attribute substantial credit for our son’s recovery to Dr. Vidal and the staff of SPT and unhesitatingly recommend them to our friends.

- M. Hess


Before: I had a stress fracture in my L2 vertebrae with immense pain. I couldn’t perform in gymnastics like I used too. Now: I have no pain whatsoever and perform how I like. Backwalkovers with no pain! I never thought I’d have no pain again.

- M. DiBona

Shoulders & Hips

I am so grateful to you and your staff for the significant improvement I experienced under your supervision. When I first came to you, I was suffering extreme pain in both my shoulders and my hips, and now I can honestly say that I have regained a great deal of strength and flexibility in those areas. I owe it all to your professionalism, guidance, and expertise. Thank you so much for all your kindness.

- Fran R.

Balancing Act

Thank you so much for helping me get my “balancing act” together. You are all the best!

- Barb C.

Broad Street Run

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for helping get my life back on track. I completed the Broad Street Run yesterday and although far from my personal best it was a significant improvement over last year. Back in January I never thought I would be entering at all this year. Also, I have had only one minor dizziness episode since mid-March. I believe there are a number of reasons for the decrease in Meniere’s symptoms (vitamins, diuretic) but I think that two critical reasons are my ability to exercise and the confidence gained through the vestibular rehab exercises. Once again, thank you for your great work!

- Joseph M.

Foot Mobility

I’m a repeat patient of Specialized Physical Therapy. I was successfully treated the first time for vertigo. This past fall I fell and broke both feet. When my orthopedist recommended physical therapy for foot mobility, I immediately chose Specialized Physical Therapy again. The exercises I was taught for both vertigo and my feet will help me lead a healthier life both now and in the future. Paul and his staff are very caring and make you feel most welcome. I highly recommend Specialized Physical Therapy services.

- Barbara Cardea

Motion Sickness & Dizziness

I was suffering from vertigo when my doctor referred me to Specialized Physical Therapy. I didn’t know if a therapist could help me overcome the constant motion sickness and dizziness that I was experiencing, but I had to try something to get my life back. The first visit began with an analysis of my vertigo and ended with a few simple exercises that I could do at home. Three days later at my next appointment, I could already feel some relief from the motion sickness. Four weeks later, after a series of appointments and more advanced exercises, I was able to function normally throughout the day without thinking about the vertigo. I was able to return to work the following week. I can’t thank Paul enough for the excellent results from the therapy.

- J. Kent

Severe Back Pain

I was suffering from sciatica when my doctor referred me to Paul Vidal at Specialized Physical Therapy. I had been under the care of an orthopedic surgeon and had a series of epidurals to help relieve the pain in my back. When the epidurals did not provide enough relief from the pain, my surgeon prescribed physical therapy. I expected standardized strength training and aerobic exercises; what I received was personalized manual therapy. The first two weeks of my therapy focused on stretching and deep pressure therapy to reduce the tightness in my muscles. The next four weeks focused on learning basic exercises to strengthen the muscles that support my back. I have completed two months of stretching and exercising, and most of my days are now pain-free. I will continue exercising at home to maintain this good feeling. I can’t thank Paul enough for the personal care and for the excellent results from the therapy.

- Judy K.

Back & Leg Pain

Excellence! Best way to describe Paul and his staff! As a patient walking through the door, I was in severe lower back pain and leg pain. Paul took the time to evaluate me and start the process of relieving the pain through therapy and exercise. I learned a lot from him about my back and the mechanics of it and how to keep my muscles tight to support my back. The one on one therapy was key to my recovery. Today I am pain-free and feel confident that I can maintain my back. Thanks so much.

- J. Scarpulla

Physician Referral

Paul is great. He takes good care of our patients. The patients love him! I have sent several family members to him.

- Samir Shah, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Treating Other Patients

Patients are very pleased with results/improvement experienced through treatment at your facility. It is sometimes ‘life changing’. Keep up the good work. I appreciate your help in treating my patients. Your expertise makes me look good!

- Tasos Aslanidis, DO

Referral Center

I have been extremely satisfied with the care and results of my patients. SPT will continue to be a valuable referral center for my dizzy patients. Thanks for all your help.

- John McGrath, MD