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Concussion Physical Therapy

At Specialized Physical Therapy, we are part of a multi-disciplinary team that is involved in the evaluation and treatment of children/adolescents and adults who have sustained a concussion. Most times, the patient is referred to us after having been evaluated by the appropriate medical physician.

What is a Concussion? What are the symptoms of concussion?

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to learn the answers to these questions and more.


Watch and listen to one of our patient’s who successfully recovered!


We are the leader in post-concussion rehabilitation in the South Jersey area. Provided by licensed physical therapists, our program helps address the symptoms of headache, dizziness, and neck pain. In addition, we help restore balance, aerobic conditioning, strength, and flexibility. Through vestibular rehabilitation, manual therapy, balance retraining, and aerobic exercise, we carefully guide the individual through their recovery and prepare them for return to play. Our program features Biodex Medical System’s Play it Safe® Concussion Management Program. This program facilitates a medically supported “return-to-play” decision process. Our program features ImPACT Trained Physical Therapists (ITPT)


Assesses an individual’s memory, mental speed and other cognitive functions. We use the SCAT, a tool that was developed by experts at the 4th International Consensus on Concussion in Sport in Zurich, Switzerland in November 2012. The SCAT allows us to objectively measure an athlete’s Neuro-cognitive function and symptom severity and helps us determine when it is safe to return to play. We also use the King-Devick Test. The King-Devick Test can capture impairment of eye movements, attention, language, and other areas that correlate with suboptimal brain function and predict worse outcomes in concussion.


Assesses an individual’s balance and determines which sensory system (vestibular, visual, somatosensory) the individual relies upon to maintain their balance. The Biodex BioSway balance and testing device provides us with objective data that is compared to normative data. The Biodex BioSway allows us to objectively measure improvement in an athlete’s Neuro-physical function when they undergo post-concussion rehabilitation and helps us determine when it is safe to return to play.


Assesses an individual’s muscles and joints for proper range of motion, strength, and flexibility. Identifies any areas of impairment to help reduce risk of physical injury. We utilize the Functional Movement Screen method. Specific focus is paid to neck muscle strength and flexibility.


Assesses an individual’s oculomotor (eye) function. Proper oculomotor function is needed for balance, hand-eye coordination and reaction time.


Learn what a concussion is, the signs/symptoms of concussion, steps for prevention, and what to do when you suspect you or someone you know has a concussion.

Group and Club rates available. Testing can be performed off-site for Groups and Clubs.

Call today to schedule your test: 856-424-0993


We offer preseason baseline testing for athletes to determine their baseline Neuro-cognitive and Neuro-physical values. To make our testing a complete comprehensive examination, each athlete also undergoes a musculoskeletal examination and visual-motor screening. Each of these areas can become impaired after an athlete sustains a concussion. Baseline measurements are compared with post-concussion measurements to help determine the severity of the concussion and to help determine an appropriate return to play timeline. In addition, each athlete receives important and valuable concussion education.

Group and Club rates available. Testing can be performed off-site for Groups and Clubs. Call today to schedule your test: 856-424-0993.

Before: I had a stress fracture in my L2 vertebrae with immense pain. I couldn’t perform in gymnastics like I used too. Now: I have no pain whatsoever and perform how I like. Backwalkovers with no pain! I never thought I’d have no pain again.
- M. DiBona
I am so grateful to you and your staff for the significant improvement I experienced under your supervision. When I first came to you, I was suffering extreme pain in both my shoulders and my hips, and now I can honestly say that I have regained a great deal of strength and flexibility in those areas. I owe it all to your professionalism, guidance, and expertise. Thank you so much for all your kindness.
- Fran R.
I want to thank Paul Vidal for helping me control my vertigo! Because of your treatment I have been able to continue running and was thrilled to be able to run the Broad St. race with my daughter! I can’t thank you enough.
- G. Thompson
Paul is great. He takes good care of our patients. The patients love him! I have sent several family members to him.
- Samir Shah, M.D., F.A.C.S.
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